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Justwise Lighting is a new addition to the Justwise Group, dedicated to providing the latest, on-trend lighting products which combine contemporary design and materials with the latest energy saving and smart app control technology.

We source all our lighting and electrical components from established, leading manufacturers with a proven record in high quality production standards.


Experience next-level lighting with Justwise’s exceptional range of floor, wall, pendant, and table lamps. Incorporating up-to-the-minute low-energy LED technology, exquisite plated and painted metal finishes, coloured glass designs, and natural wood creations. Our range is unparalleled in style and price.

Plus, our collection includes remote or app-controlled RGB lights for an endless variety of colours and smart functions such as wireless charging and motion-sensitive control. With built-in high-quality Bluetooth speakers, your customers can enjoy an audio experience like no other.


Our new division offers an extensive range of commercial and domestic lighting, as well as electrical products sourced from leading manufacturers at competitive prices. With the support of our UK operation and interior design partners, we can offer bespoke lighting plans and energy-saving calculations for major projects.

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Smart Lighting

Transform home offices into a powerhouse of productivity with Justwise’s range of sleek, smart and stylish desk lamps. 

 With Bluetooth connectivity, remote dimming, colour LED, wireless technology and contemporary designs we are sure our products will brighten up any home office environment with their seamless integration.